Monday, April 12, 2010

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Bubble Fest @ Discover Science Center

Had an amazingly crazy busy weekend this week. We started the weekend on Friday by visiting Bubble Fest at the Discovery Science Center in Orange County. We had so much fun. We had a car load including myself, my mother, my aunt, my sister, and all 3 kids, Emily, Logan and Ben. It's a good thing my mom has an Expedition.

Waiting for the Bubble Show to start

As we headed towards the Science Center I had no idea what to expect. We got there about 20 minutes after it had opened and it was already PACKED! Seriously, the parking lot was already full. We had to park across the street at the mall, which was fine for me, I enjoy the walk. We got in and went straight to the show. It was AMAZING. It was held under a tent outside and they had bubble scientist, Fan Yang, there doing amazing bubble tricks. They had a huge spot on the floor in front of the stage for the kiddies to sit, although mine sat on my lap. They would blow bubbles over the kiddies for them to pop. The stuff this guy did was so amazing. He had brought two kids up on the stage and put them in a bubble. I can't even describe here all the cool stuff we saw, you'd have to see it for yourself. They also gave us fun facts about bubbles that most kids don't even think about. My 3 yr old niece was telling my husband later on "did you know that bubbles are made of mostly water? the lady in the white coat told us that". She is so cute.

Everyone playing in the sand water exhibit

After the show was over we decided to stick around and explore the Discovery Science Center. This place is awesome! I can't believe I've never been there. All of there stuff is interactive so it's a fun way for kids to learn about science. They have an earthquake stimulator, which is very informative for our part of the country. They had a tornado stimulator, a wave stimulator, you name it, they had it. They even had a room (telephone booth size), that you can stand in and the wind turns on. It gets up to 100mph to show you what it feels like. So crazy! It was very very crowded this day, so I'd really like to go back when it's less busy. But we had so much fun exploring both floors of science fun.

The kids learning about earthquakes

They also had a toddler area for kids 5 and under. This was nice because it gave the kids a chance to run around and climb on things. The toddler area had little computer games, and building blocks, foam gym equipment, a slide and all sorts of stuff. Aside from the toddler area there is also a Taco Bell located inside. This would have hit the spot if the line was not a mile long, we were starving! But seriously, this place was so crowded, it was impossible to even move by the time we left. I had overheard someone saying that it is never this crowded, but it was the Bubble Fest that caused the big turn out.

Emily and Logan playing with one of the exhibits

All in all, even though it was crowded and we had to park down the street, it was a great time. I would love to go back on a less busy day and let the kids spend a little more time there. If the Bubble Fest ever happens again, I would love to take my son back. He really enjoyed the bubble show and he loves the bubble gun we took home as a souvenir.


carissa @ lowercase letters said...

what fun!!! kids sure do love bubbles! i need to get my lil' guy some.

Join the Gossip said...

I used to drive past that place everyday for work. I loved seeing the way that it was decorated each time they'd update. Sounds like a fun place for kids.

If you ever want to do an adult day (becuase the kids wouldn't like it), I love the Bowers Museum across the street. I'm down if you are =)

Never realized how much you and your sis look like your mom! And you are looking so thin! Go girl!

Debbie G said...

That's not her mom in the first picture, nor am I old enough to be her mom. LOL But I'll take the look alike comment as a positive one. ;O)

cheryl said...

We had a great time and I would love to go again. It was crazy crowded that day. The kids loved the bubble fest, it was amzing how kids of all ages were able to sit and watch. He was very good and enternaining

KDC Events said...

YUP I wanna go!! FUN!! PS- I know Leeann tagged you, but so did I! =) It's because you're so fabulous. Come know you wanna do it!! Go to my site or hers for the questions.

Debi said...

I took my oldest son here when he was about 3 yo & there was a lot to do. He also loved the toddler area & drawing with the computers.

You do need to get there early to avoid the crowds & the Taco Bell is crazy no matter when you're there. Better to eat on your own somewhere else.

The Blue Zoo said...

The sand and water mess looks like it was fun to play in!

william2233 said...

Looks like lot's of fun, from a children author

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