Wednesday, March 31, 2010

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Easter Egg Hunt!!

If anyone is having a problem finding something to do this Saturday, worry no more! I did a quick Internet search trying to find something for us to do this weekend, that was cheap and different. It came to my attention that just about every city in the area is going to be doing FREE Easter Egg Hunts this Saturday morning. Below are the cities in my area, along with the link for more information on the event. This only happens once a year so I suggest taking advantage of it. If you don't live in our area but are interested, I suggest checking out your city or a near by city's website to see what they offer.

Saturday April 3rd:

Upland, CA: Spring Egg Hunt at Memorial Park (I had Lo's 1st birthday there), at 10:00am SHARP!

Montclair, CA: Easter Egg Hunt and Pancake Breakfast at Alma Hofman Park. Hunt Begins at 9:00am SHARP! Free egg hunt, prize eggs, and photo with Easter Bunny. $3 for Pancake Breakfast.

Claremont, CA: Spring Celebration at Memorial Park (Indian Hill). Event starts and 9:00am and includes crafts, contests, clowns, games, a petting zoo, and a candy egg hunt. Egg hunt starts at 10:30am SHARP! They will also be holding a Pancake Breakfast from 7 - 11am for $4.00.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA: Easter Celebrations at Bass Pro Shop! Be there at noon to participate in arts & crafts. Their old fashioned egg hunt begins at 2pm SHARP. This will be going on Saturday the 3rd and Sunday the 4th.

Fontana, CA: There are 4 different Egg-citement events going on this Saturday in Fontana. Check out the site to see which one is best for you.

If you are local to any of these I recommend trying it out. Remember, this only happens once a year so get out and enjoy. I'm thinking I will be in Claremont on Saturday. Have a great Easter everyone.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

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Another Park Story - Red Hill Community

Last week a friend of mine came across a very very cool park she had taken her little ones to. She let me know about it and I couldn't wait to take Logan, but day to day things kept getting in the way. Finally yesterday we made it out there. I packed a lunch, a couple of toys, and some bread to feed the ducks.

For those of you who live in the area, we went to Red Hill Park in Rancho Cucamonga. I pass this park ALL the time and never knew it was there. It's sort of hidden if you're driving down Baseline, or I'm just blind. Either way I'm glad she told me about it. It is HUGE!!! There are 2 fully equipped playgrounds, Enormous grassy fields, a trail, a lake, ducks and turtles.

We invited my Mom, Sister and the kiddies for an extra dose of fun. We all arrived at the park around the same time. We laid down the blanket for our picnic area and headed to the playground. This playground is huge. The kids played in the sand and went down the slides. They also enjoyed the swings and a doll house that they had there. Though the boys just loved covering the doll house table with sand, what little boy wouldn't love that? They also had a toy there that I had never seen before. It's this weird square bounching thingy. My sis and and tried it out and it was fun. My son wanted to try but he was too little so I held him there while my sister made it bounce. He looooved that thing!

After the playground the kids wanted to feed the ducks. So we grabbed our bread from the picnic area and headed to the lake. Their were so many ducks and turtles. Logan had never fed the ducks before so we had to explain to him and my nephew that you throw the bread to them. All three of them really seemed to enjoy this, the ducks did too. But eventually the bread was gone, so we went and looked at some turtles. There were so many turtles! I was holding Logan while we got a closer look, he looked so taken back by them. It was quite funny. Right next to the lake is a huge grassy hill which my son had taken off running up to the top. Then decided to lie down and roll down the hill, laughing the entire time. My niece decided to join him so they were both rolling down the hill. Made me dizzy just watching them. Then my nephew decided to join in the fun, but he really didn't understand what the heck they were doing. He took a running start down the hill then jumped, landing face first into the grass. My sister then took him to the top and showed him how to roll. They played and ran forever on that hill. I brought the squirt gun out and they had a ball with that too.

After awhile we got hungry, so we made our way to the picnic area and ate the lunch we brought. My son ignored his sandwich completely, all he wanted was strawberries s that's all he ate. When we were finished eating we went to the stage next to the lake. My niece wanted to do a dance but not all by herself. So we all got into a circle and did the songs she learned in her "class" she goes to once a week. One of them is Ring around the Roses, so we did that. All of the kids loved that. Logan was so excited when we'd go in the circle then drop to our knees. We even did it a few times because the kids loved it so much. After that we took one more trip to the lake before heading home. It was already after one and therefore past Logan's nap time. I could tell he was exhausted.

It just wouldn't a family outing without at least one stop to Starbucks. On the way home I took a glance at Logan and noticed he was almost asleep, but not quite. I decided I needed a little fuel for my fire so we pulled into an Upland Starbucks drive-thru (one I worked at many years ago), and I got a Iced with whip Chai. So refreshing and energizing! We got home, I put Logan to bed and I relaxed. Taking the kids to the park is very rewarding, but requires a lot of energy. Thank God for caffeine!

I totally recommend Red Hill park to anyone in the area. Little kids of all ages would get a kick out of this park. If my son were a little older I would bring a scooter or bike for him to ride along the trail. It's a great place for picnics, birthday parties or just some good 'ol fun. Thanks Cindy for the recommendation.

Monday, March 29, 2010

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Striking a Pose - Logan's Photo Shoot

On Weds this last week I had an amazing photographer come to my house and take photos of my little boy. The day was fun, and Logan was...energized. He would be really good for a little while, but then didn't want to have anything to do with it. Then he'd be really good, then over it again. Brian, the photographer, was really good with kids though and Logan liked him from the start.

When Brian first arrived at our place, with his beautiful helper Jennifer, Logan was happy to have visitors. Gives him a reason to show off. While Brian set up, Jennifer played with Logan which helped put him in a good mood for the photo shoot. They brought fake flowers as part of the props, and let Logan play with them. He loved the fake flowers, but insisted on holding just one at a time. We then started the shoot. Brian had lots of great ideas and a great eye for scenery I would have never thought of.

I got to see some of photos this morning on Brian's blog. Please please please go take a look. He is amazing at his job and I highly recommend him. He makes house calls, so if this is something you are interested in, he will come to you. Also, he is affordable, contact him for prices. So please, go check him out.

Friday, March 26, 2010

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Work-Out Partner

A little over a year ago I started doing the Biggest Loser work out DVDs. I love them so much, they are short enough so mom's can find the time to work out, but they are tough enough to have you breathless by the end. Last year I was using the Cardio Max video but it was something I could only do after Logan had went to bed. I couldn't do it during his naps because there were chores that had to be done, couldn't do it while he was awake because he didn't understand and would want to crawl or stumble around by my legs and feet. I would get 30 seconds into it and have to give up. So I was content with waiting until bedtime to start my video. After awhile though, you start to think that that's just too late to work out, it's bed time. For about 2-3 months I took a break from my videos and busied my evenings by hanging out with the hubby, reading or doing some cross stitching.

Then Christmas came and I received the new Biggest Loser-Last Chance Work Out DVD. I loved it! So I started at it again after my son went to bed. Then recently I thought I would try it while he was awake, maybe get him involved as well. So I put it on and told him that we're going to work out now. To my surprise the kid is actually very good at it. He loved it. When they're doing jumping jacks he's...well he's trying. But he's laughing and he stays out of my way. When we do push ups, he gets on his hands and knees and bounces. Sometimes he doesn't follow the DVD at all and he'll just twirl in circles. Whatever works!! By the end he's usually over it, luckily I prepare ahead of time and have a snack and water waiting for him on the sidelines. Usually when he's done he'll head that way and play from there, continuing to stay out of my way for the remainder of the video.

The point of this post is to let everyone know that your toddler may enjoy a little work out to0. It's worth a shot. I used to let having him around get in the way of my workout, but I found away to make it enjoyable for him so I can do what I need to do. I dare all you mommy's out there to try it. Couldn't hurt. I also highly recommend the Biggest Loser Last chance workout DVD. It's fantastic. My husband who is pretty fit and can run for days, had a hard time keeping up the first time he did this DVD with us. Also the Cardio Max DVD helped me while I lost 70lbs last year. These DVDs are NO JOKE! And they're pretty cheap too, especially compared to other workout DVDs. Good Luck all!!

- You can purchase these DVDs at Walmart for like 9 or 10 dollars.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

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For all the Locals...lots of options this weekend

There are many family orientated activities coming to us in the coming weeks. It seems like all of a sudden I am finding new things left and right. Unfortunately a few of them seem to fall on the same day. I figured instead of writing about each one at great length, I would post the links to the activities below and let you check them out for yourself.

March 27TH
Lefty's Family fun day & 5k walk (or run, or roller blade or stroller push...) at the California Speedway. Completely FREE!!! CLICK HERE

March 27Th - April 11TH
Discovery Science Center's Spring Break Bubble Spectacular. Brought to you by Discovery Science Center and the Victoria Gardens. With a special "Mommy & Me Bubble Play Day" on Tuesday March 30Th. Located in Orange County. Click Here for more info.

March 27Th
Victoria Garden's Signiture Event. Chaffey Town Square from 1-6. Experiment with bubbles at the Discovery Science Center booth. Plus lots of extra entertainment. Don't forget to visit the Easter Bunny! Click Here for more info!

March 27Th
Antique Street faire, located at Antique Row in Pomona Ca. If you are at all interested in antiques, you'll love what they have to offer. Click here for more info.

Plan ahead and enjoy. I will be attending for the sure the Lefty's 5k and the antique show.
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Antique Shopping with my Boy

Recently my best friend friend of 25 years started planning her wedding. Her idea for the theme is very cute and something I've never heard of before. It requires a lot of antique store shopping. It gets tricky though because she is located in Northern CA and Myself, along with the rest of her bridesmaids are located in Southern CA. She let me know exactly what it is that she needs, so yesterday Logan and I headed to Antique Row, Pomona CA (about a 5 minute drive for me). I forgot how much I love looking at all the stuff they have. I really wanted to buy so much.

The first store we went into had one of the items I was looking for. So I purchased that and decided to look around some more, just for funsies. Logan and had fun too. He would Ooh and Awww at stuff that I would point out to him. He really liked when we looked at the toys. I found a children's book section that had very good prices on books that I had grown up with. Remember a "Little Golden Book" collection? It was the thin cardboard books with the silver on the left. Anyways, they were selling them by the bundles. For $4.25 I was able to get Noah's Arc(2 of those), Old MacDonald Had a Farm, The Musicians of Bremen, Moving Day, When Bunny Grows Up, The Monster at the end of this Book (sesame st.), Winnie the Pooh (Eeyore be happy), and Scuffy the Tug Boat. I was very excited about my find. Not a bad deal at all.

If you are at all interested in antiques, or even on the look out for affordable children stuff, then you should stop by this Saturday, March 27Th. They will have the entire street closed off for an Antique Street Fair. All stores will be open and they will be offering extra discounts. Plus, their will be street vendors their as well. I definitely recommend checking it out. Bring the kids too, Logan had a blast. I thought he'd be bored but he actually ended up enjoying himself. I will likely be there this Saturday trying to find more wedding stuff. Hopefully we'll see you there!

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

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A One Day Camping Trip!

This weekend my parents decided to go on a camping trip. Of course they invited us to go, which we debated on for awhile. You see, last summer we went camping with them and it didn't quite turn out as planned. We ended up staying in their extra trailer which was nice, but we froze to death, our son woke up screaming at 3am and we couldn't calm him down. We then packed our car and left, only to return in the morning and enjoyed the rest of the trip. So this time around, we thought back to our last camping trip and got a little nervous and decided to skip out on the first night an join everyone up there on Saturday.

I am very happy with the decision we made. Our son was able to get a full night's rest on Friday evening which lead us to have a great Saturday outing. This particular camping trip was at Lake Skinner in Temecula,CA. It took us a little over an hour to get there, which wasn't as long as it seems. We packed some snacks and some toys so no one got bored on the trip. Thank God for Uncrustables!!

When we got there everyone was hanging out at the picnic benches outside and Logan was so happy to be able to get out and play with his cousins. The kid had so much excitement in him it was crazy. He played and played and ran and played and ate lots and lots of junk food. He didn't even take a nap, though I could tell he was fighting it off with every ounce of his being. At Lake Skinner camp grounds there is a nice sized playground located between the 2 camp grounds. There is also a lake (for fishing not swimming), which is a tiny hike away from the campsite. The only problem is, there is not a lot of space to hang out.

After a trip to the park and a game of chase on the grassy field area, we went back to the site for hamburgers and hot dogs. Then followed up with some smores. I am on a diet, but I could not help myself. I love the way they taste!! Then we sat by the campfire a little while before it was time to head home. My sister starting telling her little ones it was time to get their pj's on, so I know it was every one's time to settle down.

It was 8 O'clock before we started to head home. I could not believe how tired I was, it felt like it was much later. In fact, our son was asleep before we were even out of the campground, I knew he was tired. Seeing as my hubby and I are HUGE Starbucks fanatics, we had to stop and get something for the trip home. I tried their new Cherry Mocha Frappuccino. It was very very good. And I am not usually a frappuccino fan, but at that moment it sounded delightful, and it was. We arrived home about an hour or so later and put Logan to bed without even putting his jammies on. Once he was asleep, I lied down "just for a sec" I told my husband, but I ended up passing out until this morning. All in all, it was a great trip. I sometimes get a little stressed with the campfire, and the hot grill and so many other things going on. But it's at the end of the day when I look back and can only remember the fun parts. Maybe next time we'll try to do an all nighter again.

We'll see!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

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Molding my Baby Boy Into a Man - Why Wait?

I often wonder to myself "is chivalry really dead?". There have been numerous times where a man cuts in front of me or pushes me out of the way just to get through a door first. What's worse is that it happens even when I am holding my son. How rude! I am very lucky. I am married to a wonderful man with whom chivalry is still very much alive. He opens the door for me, always lets me go first, and carries stuff for me so my hands are free. Even when we're out in public, he holds the door open for other woman, and always helps my mom or grandma out by taking out the trash, or reaching something that's up high.

An incident happened this morning which really made me angry. I was walking into the mall with my son, I am about to step through the door when a man walks out of it, pushing Logan and myself out of the way. I said "wow, what a jerk" without even noticing I had said anything. I turned around and noticed him looking back at me surprised, like I had done something wrong. I looked at my son, who will only be 2 in June, and said to him "don't ever be that man". Where did that man's parent's go wrong? Does no one teach their sons how to properly treat a lady anymore? I get so sick of it! So we stayed at the mall for a bit while Logan got to play with his cousin Emily and another little girl we had me at the play area. Then it was off to run errands.

We were about to walk into the 99cent only store when I saw one cart left that wasn't a mile away to get to. Normally I wouldn't mind the walk, but I don't like walking through a parking lot holding the hand of someone tiny who can't walk very fast. I then saw a man walking towards the one cart I had had my eye on and figured he'd take it. I was so annoyed, I knew he saw me, what a jerk. But then, to my amazement, he brought me the cart and said "ladies first". Wow, this made my day. Something that small totally made my day. This man's parents taught him right. Which lead me to think about my own son. Is it ever too early to teach them about how to treat girls?

Logan is only 2, so right now he's still learning the basic boundaries and right from wrong. I want to teach my son that even though we live in a feminist world, there is still a difference between men and woman. I want him to know that even though a woman may be completely capable of carrying that heavy box, it doesn't mean that he should sit there and watch. I'm always grateful when someone offers to help when I am struggling with something, though it rarely happens. In fact it's usually my husband that offers to help. I am looking forward to seeing the man my son will grow to be. Though I know this is not a task I can take on myself. I am his mommy and great one at that. But daddy is going to have to show him the ropes, daddy is the one he will look up to, the one he goes to for dating advice, the one who will have to show him what being a man is all about. But, just because daddy has this huge responsibility, doesn't mean I can't start putting my two cents in right now. I want to help mold my little boy into the man he will someday be. It's never too early to start.

Monday, March 15, 2010

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Saturday Outing

I can't believe Monday is already here. Where did the weekend go? Admittedly, Sunday was a lazy day for us. Went to Church, went to my parent's house for a bit, then home to watch movies and do NOTHING! Which is normally not my style, but the time change had gotten to me. But I think we more then made up for it on Saturday at the Victoria Gardens. We had so much fun! Not just fun, but FREE fun, can't beat that!
On Saturday my mom, my sister, her two kids Emily and Ben, Logan and myself, went to the Victoria Gardens to check out their Saturday fun day. We had a blast from beginning to end. We made our way to the Chaffey Town Square and it was poppin. They had a stage set up, with a lady doing dance instructions for the kids. They had some music playing while she was teaching them(Logan loved that part). They also had a face painting booth set up. Emily, my niece, got a picture of Hello Kitty painted on her cheek. They also had a Ben & Jerry's booth set up, I believe they were charging $2 though. Color Me Mine was there with paints so you can paint your Easter Eggs. The Easter Eggs had to be picked up from the Easter Bunny's house, however they were free. You do not have to sit on the Bunny's lap to get your Easter Eggs or coloring pictures. There was also the VG Kidz booth set up as well, and if you sign up, they give you a free back pack (pink, blue or orange), and some coupons for the Carousel. Oh, I forgot to mention that if your kids participate in dance activities, their ice cream is free.
As my sister and Emily were in line for the face painting, my mom and I had the boys in front of the stage listening to the music while the bigger kids danced. My son, was ALL about the dancing. He was so in his element. I couldn't help but laugh, and there was no off button. He just loved to dance. Shadow(the VG Kidz mascot) came up and gave Logan and Ben high fives while they were getting their moves on. Then we got all the kids signed up for the VG Kidz club. If you aren't already a member, I definitely recommend checking it out. Every time you visit VG just bring your membership card to guest service and your child will receive a free small toy. Bring your receipts to guest service and you earn points. When you reach 1000 points, your child receives a HUGE gift. Most stores also have special deals when you belong to the VG kidz club. For instance, Coffee Bean (often, not always) will give a free child's drink when a regular drink is purchased.
After signing the kids up for the VG kidz club, we went to visit the Easter Bunny and get our free eggs. We went ahead and had a group photo taken with everyone in it. They do not sell regular photo sheets like they do at Christmas, the only option available is a USB drive. We purchased one of course, they run about $21 each. However, we got home and tried to look at the photos, but once we placed the USB drive into the computer, is started to smoke. We quickly removed it and the USB smelled so bad. No way are we trying that again. After Emily insisted on painting every one's eggs, we played a little longer then went home.
It was a great Saturday. I may have to do this again before the Easter Bunny leaves. I hope everyone else gets a chance to join in the festivities, your kids really will enjoy this.

Friday, March 12, 2010

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A Random Fun Day

Today's post is a little random for me. So bare with me as there are two things I'd like to talk about, however one has nothing to do with the other. I first have an announcement for the locals, then a giveaway!

For everyone in the inland empire area, with kids, nieces,nephews, or grandkids, I just got an update from the Victoria Gardens that their Easter Bunny will be arriving today, Saturday March 13Th. He will be located in Chaffey Town Square for pictures and meet & greets with the kiddies. Also, they will be holding extra fun activities for the kids every Saturday from March 13Th - April 3rd. Activities will include: Bunny Hop (with the Easter Bunny), Free face painting, and egg coloring (with Color me Mine). For a full list of activities please check out the Victoria Gardens website here. To have a photo taken with the Easter Bunny, he will be available Mon - Sat 11am - 8pm closed 1:15 - 2pm and 5:15 - 5:45pm and open again Sun 12pm - 6pm closed 2:15 - 3pm. Go have a blast! I'll be down there with Logan today to enjoy in the festivities.

Now, for the giveaway. Recently I had talked about the most entertaining movies for my son and I to watch together. Amongst the list was Jonah, A Veggie Tales Movie. Well, it just so happens that I have an extra copy of the movie, still in it's original package. This movie truly is adorable, and sends a great message to your kids about compassion and mercy, while delivering a message from the Bible. The Veggie Tales have many cute, quirky movies with sing alongs and Bible stories. And best of all they are entertaining for everyone. To enter the contest simply leave a comment telling us about your favorite childhood movie. I will pick a winner at random on Friday, March 26Th.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

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Afternoon in the Village

Today Logan and I were invited to have lunch with a friend that we had not seen in a long time. This particular friend works in the oh so lovely Claremont Village. I have always loved the Claremont Village, it is so different then any other place in the Inland Empire. When I was a teenager I used to go there to shop for music at Rhino Records. When my husband and I were dating we loved to go to Bert & Rocky's to get a large Root Beer Float and share it while we walked around the village and the colleges. When I was pregnant we would go walking down there in the evenings(by this time I wanted my own damn ice cream) and unwind from our long work days. While Logan was learning to walk we would take him down there and picnic on the grass while he would trot along. And in the spring they have a huge farmer's market that is wonderful, in fact last year I was even talked into signing up for Bikram Yoga classes at discount through their farmer's market.

Times have changed down there since I was a teenager. They have added on so much. The "new" village, located west of Indian Hill is more like an out door shopping mall then anything. I don't particularly like to hang on that side though, I am much more comfortable with the original side.

Being the early bird that I usually am, Logan and I were about 15-20 minutes early for our lunch date so we explored. We walked around some of the boutiques (they have some really cute baby boutiques), we browsed through Harvard Square and Logan played on the grass in front of City Hall. We were looking through a window at one of the shops when I noticed our friend walking towards us. We had lunch at the Harvard Square Cafe, which is so amazing. I was definitely not in diet mode once I saw the menu. I had a sirloin burger, which I shared with my son. My friend, Chuck, ate a Salmon burger, which he swears by. I am not one for fish, so I'll just take his word for it. After our fabulous lunch, we walked over to Bert & Rocky's for some ice cream. Once again, not in diet mode. I had a Chocolate Ice Cream Soda, my favorite! My son was getting ready to take a nap so he did not get anything on this trip, but I shared mine with him.

Logan was tired and it was way past his nap time, so when Chuck's lunch break was over we headed home. Usually I can spend hours there though. I like to stop in at Starbucks, walk around, picnic on the grass, and go shopping. I'm sure most of you who are locals have been there and hung out. But if you have not yet done the full experience with your children I recommend it. Take a book, take some toys, get some coffee (or ice cream) and enjoy the beauty that is Claremont Village.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

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Calling in Sick

Let's face it, when you're a stay at home mom there is no such thing as a sick day. You can't call off, or leave early to catch some shut eye. Nope, you have to figure out a way to keep your child entertained, and safe, while trying to relax and get healthy. The past couple of days I have been under the weather. I've had sore throat, sinus headache and just felt BLAH! For me this was difficult because I hate to be at home. I love to go go go. My son is the same way, he seems to get cabin fever when at home too long. This gave me a bit of a challenge, because all I wanted to do was rest. Then it came to me!

Normally I don't care for my son to watch too much TV, I just don't like the idea of him sitting there all day when he should be outside playing. However, most evenings before bed I'll put a movie in so he can wind down a bit. So the past couple of days I put in some dvd's to watch while I relaxed on the couch. I also brought a lot of toys into the living room to be sure he would not get bored. This "movie day" idea was nice for me too because it seems that the movies he loves the most I also seem to really enjoy.

Number 1 for us is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The most recent one with Johny Depp. I actually purchased this movie about a month ago for only $4.75 at Target. My son, who is only 21 months old, will sit and watch this movie from beginning to end. He even laughs at some of the funny parts. How does a 1 yr old understand the jokes? Beats me. But he loves this movie. Every time the Umpa Lumpas sing, my son hops up and starts dancing. When each song is finished, he completes his dance by applauding himself. I enjoy this movie as well, I mean come on, it's Johny Depp! It's funny, warm, and it teaches our kids not to be spoiled brats, because the spoiled brats never win. I also like the original version, but I have yet to find that one on sale. I would love to own that one, I'm sure my son would love it.

Number 2 for us is The Prince of Egypt. Another musical, what can I say, my son loves to dance. This movie is the story of Moses which we've all learned in Sunday school growing up. The story is put into a nice cartoon musical to entertain children. It's got an all star cast, Michelle Pfeiffer, Sandra Bullock, Val Kilmer, Jeff Goldblum, Danny Glover, Steve Martin and Martin Short. The songs in this movie are beautiful from beginning to end. I absolutely love this movie. This is another one that my son will sit and watch the entire thing without getting bored. It entertains him, he loves to dance to the music, and he's also learning the story of Moses.

To wrap this up I'll just add the last movie we love to watch. Jonah, A Veggie Tales Movie. Veggie Tales of course added their own twist of the biblical story of Jonah, which makes it quiet entertaining for young ones. Again, it incorporates lots of music which my son loves. It starts off with a bunch of kids trying to get to a "Twippo" concert and all goes wrong. They're all arguing and bitter towards each other. Keep in mind that all the characters are some sort of vegetable. Then while at a restaurant to call a tow truck, they sit in a booth next to "the pirates who don't do anything", who hear the arguing and decide to teach these kids a lesson about compassion by telling them the story of Jonah. It's really cute how they set this movie up. My son loves it, and even laughs at their little jokes. Again, I don't understand how he knows what they're talking about, but he does. We have a wide variety of Veggie Tales movies in our home, they are a great "go to" when you need to pop something in that will keep your child entertained.

If you haven't seen any of these movies I definitely recommend renting them. They are great family movies for all ages. My husband even enjoys them, and he's more of the Die Hard kinda movie guy. Thanks for listening. Hopefully I will feel better soon and be able to take my son out to play hard to make up for lost time.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

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Coming Soon: An Under the Sea Adventure

Boring week for us this week. It's been very busy so unfortunately, not a lot of fun stuff was done. Logan and I didn't have any extra ordinary adventures this week, but we have tons planned. Today I was thinking what I would like to do next week, at least one thing fun and out of the ordinary for us. Then a commercial came while I was in the car.

For a limited time only, The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, is offering $5.00when you purchase your tickets on line. Not a bad deal considering children under 3 are free. So a basic price for us would be $18.95 instead of $23.95. It looks like they also have bundle deals where you can purchase a combo of LA Zoo/Aquarium or Queen Mary/Aquarium for one low price. Not a bad deal at all for anyone who's interested in visiting both places and saving some dough.

I've only been to the Aquarium of the Pacific once, when I was a teenager, and I had a good time. I'm sure small children would love it too! They have something for all ages. The younger kids can enjoy 3D cartoon movies based on turtles and fish. The slightly older ones can enjoy the Shark Exhibits, where they can actually touch a shark. How cool is that?? And they also have learning exhibits where children can learn about different sea animals from all over the world.

I would like to check this out sometime this month. I will definitely keep you all posted on our trip. I'll be sure to let you know if the food was affordable, if it's really worth the money or if we had a great time.

Until then. Have a great day and enjoy your children!

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