Sunday, February 7, 2010

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Movie Night!

Now a days there are so many options when it comes to renting movies. You can do it the old fashion way, having a membership to a store and renting them same day. Or you can have them mailed right to your house for a monthly fee. It's whatever is most convenient for you. Me personally, I'm the go and rent the movie when I want it kinda gal. When I decide I want to rent a movie, I want it now, not in 2 days.

For our family, the best place to rent movies is RedBox. Which you can find in most grocery stores. There is no membership fee and it's simple to use, much like a soda machine but instead of a refreshing beverage, you get a dvd. You simply go to the RedBox nearest you, choose the Rent a dvd option, select dvd of your choice, then check out with a swipe of your credit card. It only costs $1.00 per day per dvd. You may also use RedBox online to reserve dvd using your credit card, then go and pick it up. The only problem with the RedBox is, it does not have as many rental options as say, Blockbuster or Netflix. But it is definitely the best option if you're wanting to watch something somewhat new.

When there is a movie that I really want to watch, but RedBox does not have it, or is out of stock, I'll tend to go to Blockbuster. Blockbuster will carry dozens of copies of the more popular movies, so it's almost always a guarantee that they'll have what I want. They are more pricey then the RedBox, $5.00 for new releases, but no late fees. They also have a 99cent family movie rentals right now too, which is great if you are looking for a movie for your young one. I belong to the Blockbuster's rewards program, which is $5.00 per year, but you also get one free movie rental for every 5 paid rentals. Not bad! Blockbuster also has an online store, much like Netflix. I've never used it, but if it's something that sounds good to you, you can check it out here.

Netflix is great for the person who loves to watch movies regularly, but doesn't have time to go to the store. Netlix has a huge variety of dvd's. No matter what you're in the mood for, chances are they'll have it. They have a number of plans to chose from, and they charge your credit card automatically every month. We used to use NetFlix and we loved it. However, we stopped watching so much T.V., so then it seemed we were paying our monthly fee for no reason. If you are a family that loves to rent movies consistently, then this is likely a great option for you. It works very easily, you simply choose your plan, then choose all the dvd's you'd like to see and in which order you'd like to receive them. They'll mail them out(this generally takes a day or two) in the order you choose(this can always be changed or updated by you), and as you return them, they'll send the next one out. The dvd's are always sent with a prepaid envelope to send them back in. All you have to do is place the dvd in it's envelope, seal it and put it in your mailbox. Done!

It's amazing how easy things are made for us these days. I remember being a kid, and there were no online vhs rentals, or vhs kiosks in our grocery stores. Most people used the independent movie rental stores, or Blockbuster or Hollywood video. There used to be massive late fee charges, and now, none. Tell me, what option does your family prefer to rent their movies?


Cheryl said...

This is good to know, I am glad you told me about redbox, I will have to check it out

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

I really did love Netflix but we had to cancel it. Redbox is a good deal, if you can remember to return them... which we can't...

Personally, my DVR is my best friend. I'll set up all the Disney and Nick movies to record for the week and the kids will have a whole slew of new movies to watch. AWESOME.

ThingsToDoWithKids said...

I did not even think of DVR, that is a great idea aswell.

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