Thursday, February 4, 2010

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Never Too Young to Enjoy the Library!

I have to ask, When was the last time you have visited your local library? I can honestly tell you it had been quite awhile for me. How many of you with kids know that the library is a wonderful place to take your kids? After our visit to the library yesterday, I will inform you all that it is a great place for kids of all ages.

Yesterday, while trying to figure out what my son, Logan, and I could do that was "out of the box", I decided we would try the Upland Library. We got there and I was taken back by how geared for children they actually are. Their child section is huge! They have not only books, but all kids of activities for children.

For starters they have a wonderful arts/crafts theme going on right now called Valentines for Vets, where your child can decorate a valentine that will be sent to our vets at Loma Linda Veteran's hospital. I enjoyed this activity immensely, my son however was only interested in the glue stick. I guess one and a half year old's don't care much for arts and crafts just yet. But I bet someone a little bit older would love that. If you are interested, the Upland Library will be hosting this until Feb 10Th.

Logan's favorite thing though was this activity center block thing. I really have no idea what you would call it. It was like this huge wood cube that had activities attached on top, and on the sides. Kind of like a huge version of those toys you see in the pediatrician's office. Little color coded maze type stuff. Anyways, this kept him entertained forever. He was also interested in the puzzles they had, although not very good at them I must admit. But I know with practice he'll be great. They also had huge stuffed animals and puppets to play with. He seemed to really like the giant Mickey Mouse that was at least twice his size. They had a white board on one of the walls that had alphabet magnets on them...being a typical boy he liked to push all the magnets off and them throw them. Again, a little too young to understand that activity. I tried to get him involved in some books, but of course he was so curious of his surroundings that he was only interested for about a second before he would take off to explore other stuff.

The best part though, was the library, just like the park, is another way to socialize your child. There was a little boy at the library yesterday, a little bit older then Logan and it was nice to see them interact. They seemed to both love that cube toy. I think that one is definitely geared toward toddlers for sure. I imagine that in the later afternoon their would be more kids, but we had a blast as it was.

When we left the library, we sat out on the grass and had a little picnic, eating a lunch I had packed from home. It gave us a chance to hang out outside and enjoy our lovely Southern California sun. He ate, then ran around a little bit, getting some more of his little toddler energy out.

If you have not yet taken your child to visit your local library I recommend you do so. The great thing about the library is that it is fun for all ages, even adults. You can check out your local library's activities calender to see if there is something that you or your kids might enjoy. Highly recommended. It really is never too early to start getting them excited about the library!

Photo Credit: Upland library home page


Jenn said...

That is a really great idea Jana! Congrats on the new blog :)

Mattias Gramy said...

Loved the library! . . . It's quiet in the morning. And I agree a lot to do for all ages. Huge selection of board books for the little ones.

Jana, love the picnic idea also.

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