Wednesday, February 10, 2010

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Pumped Up - For PUMP IT UP

Awhile back, while researching things to do with kids in the Inland Empire, I came across a website for Pump It Up. At the time, I thought my son was a little too young for their activities, so I ignored it and forgot all about it. Recently, while trying to find some indoor activities for us to do, I came across it again. This time I thought, why not? My mom, my sister and her two kids decided to join us today which was fun.

For those of you have have never been to Pump it Up, you must go. For Children and Adults! For all 5 of us to get in, it only cost us $6.00. Adults do not pay when accompanied by a child. And toddlers are free as well, as long as they are accompanied by a paying sibling. For instance, we paid $6.00 for my niece, Emily, to enter, and since we were with a paying child we got in free, and Ben, my nephew got in free because Emily is his sister, and they were nice enough to consider Logan(my son) her sibling as well. When you enter into the two joining rooms, it takes a moment to take it all in. They have huge bouncy houses, small bouncy houses, a bouncy slide and bouncy obstacle courses. They also had non bouncy related toys like a little plastic slide, balls, and a few arcade games.

When we entered our first bouncy house Logan was not too sure what to think. I started bouncing around with him and he was not having it. My sister and my nephew(who is 5 months younger Logan) joined and he was not having it either. So we exited that one and we found the gigantic bouncy slide. At first glance I'm thinking...I can do that. WOW! What a work out. First of all, climbing up the tiny, steep tunnel to get the the top was a challenge all by itself. They give you tiny little feet things(obviously designed for kids)to climb up, and a tiny rope to hold on to. But try doing that while holding a 31 pound boy who is so anxious he's crawling out of your arms. But when you finally make it to the top, it's totally worth it. The first time we went down he wanted to sit on my lap, and although I could not see his face on the way down, his laughter said it all. After the first taste of the slide, he wanted to do it again and again and get the picture. Then my niece wanted me to take her and with each time we were on our way up it seemed like the top just got further and further away. I think I will leave them a comment that they should install an elevator for out of shape parents.

After the slide Logan was a little more adventurous and really liked the bouncy houses. We bounced for what seemed like forever. But we had such a good time doing it. I knew that this was perfect for wearing him out. When our 1 1/2 hour session was up, I fed him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich I had packed for our trip. If I had known parents got as good a work out as the kids at this place, I would have packed my self a lunch as well. I was starving near the end.

Pump it Up also hosts parties for birthdays, sporting events and any other kid party you might throw. I highly recommend checking them out. If it's something you've ever considered in the past but just didn't do it, I say DO IT! It's totally fun and extremely affordable. Especially if it's raining out and you don't want to be stuck in the house. This is a great escape. Hope you enjoy!

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Cheryl said...

I had a really good time, I know it is only 1 1/2 hours, but it felt like a million years. It was totally worth it, and it really wasn't crowded at all

Join the Gossip said...

Sounds like fun!

So glad you are posting so frequently =)

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