Friday, February 5, 2010

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Rain Rain Go Away...or Not!

Living in Southern California my entire life, there is one season that we rarely see, Winter! Sure it rains here and there, but not a lot, and we never get snow(unless of course you live in the mountain areas). I'm really not a homebody, so I am grateful for our warm/dry weather. Today I was thrown a curve ball,I had some outdoors activities planned, but guess rained. Go figure. I had already had my heart on getting out of the house, and like I said, I'm not a home body, so I packed up the diaper bag and we left. Now, the only question left; where to go?

How many of you are familiar with John's Incredible Pizza? Let me just tell you, the place is amazing! You pay to get in, but what you're paying for is an all you can eat buffet and hours of fun and good times. On weekday's for lunch, it cost 6.99 plus unlimited soda for an extra 1.25. Not bad at all for the amount of food you get. And it works out great for me, since kids under 2 eat for free! And anyone who's been there will tell you that they have AMAZING food. They offer any and every kind of pizza you can think of. Ranging from normal, cheese or pepperoni, to spicy peanut butter or Alfredo(my fave), you will not leave hungry, I promise you. They also have a full salad bar, full pasta bar(my son's fave), full dessert bar and finally a coffee bar. My schedule when we go here is simply this, enter, eat lots of pizza, play, go back for mini donuts and a french vanilla latte. That right there is worth the money you pay to get in.

When you are finished picking out your food from the buffet, they offer a number of themed dinning rooms you can choose to sit in. We usually eat in the "animated room", which is decorated with cartoons, and has a Scooby Doo cartoon playing on the big screen TV as well as other smaller TVs set up across the room. There are probably around 5 or 6 different themed dinning rooms to chose from.

John's play area is especially fun. They have something for everyone. They have indoor miniature golf, indoor bowling, indoor bumper cars, and some other twisty ride for big kids an adults. They also have kiddie rides, arcade games, and games in which you can win tickets to cash in for a toy. Oh, and did I mention they have a small build a bear type shop in there as well. Unlike Chuck-E-Cheese, you purchase a prepaid "funcard" with credits on it, instead of using tokens. My son is a bit too young for all of the above just yet, but that's ok because they also have a kiddie area. It's fenced off from the rest of the arcade which is nice because I don't have to worry about him running off. The kiddie area consists of a small slide for beginners, and a bigger slide/jungle gym for the advanced, a huge Caterpillar statue that you can climb on or under, and benches for the adults. Logan(my son), can play in there all day. It's a pretty big area, so we'll chase each other, and run around forever.

If you end up visiting there, and you like it. I recommend purchasing a VIP Card. There is a 1 time membership fee of $5.00, and it truly is worth it. You will get coupons mailed or emailed to you. Every time you spend money with your VIP card, you earn pizza bucks. You can use your pizza bucks on anything you want at John's, anytime you'd like. You also get a free buffet, any day during the month of your birthday, Which more then pays for the 1 time membership fee.

Now, if this sounds like fun to you, check and see if there is a John's Incredible Pizza near you. I can really only speak from personal experience, and my experiences have always been great. If you've never been, I say GO! Especially on rainy days like today. It gets you out of the house, it gets the kids out, it feeds everyone and it's affordable. What's there to lose? If you HAVE been to John's, please share your thoughts with us.

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Two words: Alfredo Pizza. Yum! Such a great place to take the kids, rainy days or not!

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