Thursday, March 11, 2010

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Afternoon in the Village

Today Logan and I were invited to have lunch with a friend that we had not seen in a long time. This particular friend works in the oh so lovely Claremont Village. I have always loved the Claremont Village, it is so different then any other place in the Inland Empire. When I was a teenager I used to go there to shop for music at Rhino Records. When my husband and I were dating we loved to go to Bert & Rocky's to get a large Root Beer Float and share it while we walked around the village and the colleges. When I was pregnant we would go walking down there in the evenings(by this time I wanted my own damn ice cream) and unwind from our long work days. While Logan was learning to walk we would take him down there and picnic on the grass while he would trot along. And in the spring they have a huge farmer's market that is wonderful, in fact last year I was even talked into signing up for Bikram Yoga classes at discount through their farmer's market.

Times have changed down there since I was a teenager. They have added on so much. The "new" village, located west of Indian Hill is more like an out door shopping mall then anything. I don't particularly like to hang on that side though, I am much more comfortable with the original side.

Being the early bird that I usually am, Logan and I were about 15-20 minutes early for our lunch date so we explored. We walked around some of the boutiques (they have some really cute baby boutiques), we browsed through Harvard Square and Logan played on the grass in front of City Hall. We were looking through a window at one of the shops when I noticed our friend walking towards us. We had lunch at the Harvard Square Cafe, which is so amazing. I was definitely not in diet mode once I saw the menu. I had a sirloin burger, which I shared with my son. My friend, Chuck, ate a Salmon burger, which he swears by. I am not one for fish, so I'll just take his word for it. After our fabulous lunch, we walked over to Bert & Rocky's for some ice cream. Once again, not in diet mode. I had a Chocolate Ice Cream Soda, my favorite! My son was getting ready to take a nap so he did not get anything on this trip, but I shared mine with him.

Logan was tired and it was way past his nap time, so when Chuck's lunch break was over we headed home. Usually I can spend hours there though. I like to stop in at Starbucks, walk around, picnic on the grass, and go shopping. I'm sure most of you who are locals have been there and hung out. But if you have not yet done the full experience with your children I recommend it. Take a book, take some toys, get some coffee (or ice cream) and enjoy the beauty that is Claremont Village.

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From A Stylist's Tip Jar said...

Sounds like fun and the food sounds yummy!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

what a nice place! glad you enjoyed your lunchtime there!

Cheryl said...

Chocolate Ice cream soda!!! I can't find those anywhere, now I want one. I love Claremont Village

Join the Gossip said...

I used to love Rhino Records! The best place to buy CDs =)

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