Monday, March 15, 2010

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Saturday Outing

I can't believe Monday is already here. Where did the weekend go? Admittedly, Sunday was a lazy day for us. Went to Church, went to my parent's house for a bit, then home to watch movies and do NOTHING! Which is normally not my style, but the time change had gotten to me. But I think we more then made up for it on Saturday at the Victoria Gardens. We had so much fun! Not just fun, but FREE fun, can't beat that!
On Saturday my mom, my sister, her two kids Emily and Ben, Logan and myself, went to the Victoria Gardens to check out their Saturday fun day. We had a blast from beginning to end. We made our way to the Chaffey Town Square and it was poppin. They had a stage set up, with a lady doing dance instructions for the kids. They had some music playing while she was teaching them(Logan loved that part). They also had a face painting booth set up. Emily, my niece, got a picture of Hello Kitty painted on her cheek. They also had a Ben & Jerry's booth set up, I believe they were charging $2 though. Color Me Mine was there with paints so you can paint your Easter Eggs. The Easter Eggs had to be picked up from the Easter Bunny's house, however they were free. You do not have to sit on the Bunny's lap to get your Easter Eggs or coloring pictures. There was also the VG Kidz booth set up as well, and if you sign up, they give you a free back pack (pink, blue or orange), and some coupons for the Carousel. Oh, I forgot to mention that if your kids participate in dance activities, their ice cream is free.
As my sister and Emily were in line for the face painting, my mom and I had the boys in front of the stage listening to the music while the bigger kids danced. My son, was ALL about the dancing. He was so in his element. I couldn't help but laugh, and there was no off button. He just loved to dance. Shadow(the VG Kidz mascot) came up and gave Logan and Ben high fives while they were getting their moves on. Then we got all the kids signed up for the VG Kidz club. If you aren't already a member, I definitely recommend checking it out. Every time you visit VG just bring your membership card to guest service and your child will receive a free small toy. Bring your receipts to guest service and you earn points. When you reach 1000 points, your child receives a HUGE gift. Most stores also have special deals when you belong to the VG kidz club. For instance, Coffee Bean (often, not always) will give a free child's drink when a regular drink is purchased.
After signing the kids up for the VG kidz club, we went to visit the Easter Bunny and get our free eggs. We went ahead and had a group photo taken with everyone in it. They do not sell regular photo sheets like they do at Christmas, the only option available is a USB drive. We purchased one of course, they run about $21 each. However, we got home and tried to look at the photos, but once we placed the USB drive into the computer, is started to smoke. We quickly removed it and the USB smelled so bad. No way are we trying that again. After Emily insisted on painting every one's eggs, we played a little longer then went home.
It was a great Saturday. I may have to do this again before the Easter Bunny leaves. I hope everyone else gets a chance to join in the festivities, your kids really will enjoy this.


carissa @ lowercase letters said...

victoria gardens sounds so fun! once in a while a laid back sunday is always nice! your comment made me laugh because i realized that i must be the only gal in the whole wide world who has never thought to call her "aunt flow." love it! i will remember this moment forever. she finally has a name! : )

Kaz and Amy said...

Victoria gardens sounds like a lot of fun! I'm so glad you had a great Saturday! I hope you have a great Monday too!!!

Debi said...

I might have to check out Victoria Gardens some day with my kiddos. We had a wonderful Saturday exploring The Arboretum in Altadena. Here's to more lazy days!

Cheryl said...

We had a great time at Victoria Gardens, the grassy area is large enough for a picnic. It wasn't very crowded when we first got there, but more and more people were starting to show up. But it really was all about the kids.

Masa said...

Hi Everyone! This is Masa, the marketing director at VG. We love to read your Mommy Blog and are so happy you and your family have fun at VG. We are really impressed by how much you know about our events and programs. Thank you for sharing this with other Moms. By the way, we want to correct that smoking USB drive. Please call me at (909)463-2828 and we'll get you a new one! Masa Liles

ThingsToDoWithKids said...

Thank you Masa for taking care of that for me. You are very sweet. I enjoy visiting Victoria Gardens whenever I can. Infact, I'll likely be there this Saturday as well. I love how child orientated you are, that makes it very easy for us moms. Thanks for all you guys do. Keep up the good work.

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